Have you ever stopped to think even for a second how powerful Volunteering is? Beyond any reasonable doubt, it is true that we can not know what love means but only when we give joyfully and wholeheartedly, without hesitation or thought of gain at all. Wow volunteers are by far much happier, healthier and live longer than those who do not!

Did you know that, to you, volunteering can;

  • Be very sociable and give you a great sense of wellbeing,
  • Help you with accessing employment and training opportunities,
  • Help you to identify and develop existing and new skills,
  • Provide you with the opportunity to build your confidence and self esteem,
  • Be a fantastic way to spend your spare time whether you have a half an hour a week to offer or more,
  • Be a way of testing the waters before you make a decision in a career,
  • Enable you reap rewards, for your time for a good cause, that are by far greater than any promotion you could get from work; or good grades you could get from school/college,
  • Provide an opportunity for you to improve a service for other people in need,
  • Help you to be seen as active citizens rather than a recipient of services?

Did you know that, to others, volunteering;

  • Imbibe in them the spirit of generosity; of giving back to them; even strangers, all the good things we have received in life,
  • Gives hope to live to those who may have lost it and trust to those who may have lost it on humanity,
  • Is instrumental in inspiring them to pick up their lives and start over; showing them that the world is still a beautiful place to live in,
  • Inspires them to give their time, talent and resources for a good cause,
  • Validates that no matter what kind of tragedy that strikes, there would always be a silver lining to every rain cloud?

As an organization, FANET values volunteers because;

  • They bridge the gap between the projects and the local community thus enhancing community cohesion.
  • They contribute a brilliant, fresh perspective and creative insight.
  • They keep the organization in touch with the community and their requirements.
  • They give added value to the organization's service delivery.
  • They increase the capacity for the organization to deliver services and reach an increased number of members in the community.

Generally, volunteering will be an essential force in supporting the organization as it continues to work towards its original goal of Preventing, Protecting and Empowering victims of socio-political and ethnic violence. If you are willing and ready to give support, rise up now, for indeed volunteering is a good thing for you! For more information and enquiries please contact the organization by sending your request(s) to; admin@thefanet.org