The Governance Framework

The organization can not deliver on its mandate unless it develops and adheres to principles of good corporate governance and management decision-making. Friendly Action Network (FANET) Organization has an elaborate governance framework detailed in its constitution and actualized in its regulations and operational procedure manuals that all employees and its clients have to abide to.

Its programs are executed in accordance with the organizational framework provided.

The governance arrangement of the network will have five program areas responsible of:

  • Policy advocacy and awareness program
  • Conflict resolutions and legal services program
  • Community empowerment and emergency response program
  • Monitoring and evaluation program
  • Finance and administration program

In the initial phase, the organization will outsource internal audit services until such a time when the breadth and scope of activities have expanded to justify the establishment of an internal audit department. The details and responsibilities of these structures and functions are provided in the constitution.

Friendly Action Network (FANET) Organization receives legal advisory services from the law firm; Getanda, Rabera and Associates, based in Nakuru, Kenya.